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As I walk beneath the stars,

The sharp wind runs by me.

Memories stalk me,

Taunt me.


I am devoured with loneliness.

Fear races shivers up my back.

My vacant stomach craves my tears,

Savouring every last drop

 From my swollen, scarlet eyes.

My mind teases me.

The trees wave.

 Giant black boulders roll

Wildly in under the night sky.


Tears from heaven water my naked shell.

Swords of light dance before me.

Extravagant light blares before my body,

Throwing me to the ground.


Bare, empty, hollow.

My mind is erased.


Caught in a sudden moment of bliss,

I smile.

Free of the painful memories,

I lift myself to my icy feet.  

The sweet spring air fills my

Mind of pleasant thoughts.

Hope hugs me tight,

Guiding me with bright light.

This path seems old,

yet very knew.

                                                                Danielle Winter



Your life's a treasure chest I see,
You've locked me out without a key.
With no way in I'm falling apart,
I don't know how to get to your heart.
When I see you over there,
I wonder if you still care.
Care about me and how I'm doing,
I feel as if i'm disappearing.
Fading from the thoughts in your head,
Here is where I wish to make my bed.
To stay a life-time, which is forever,
Please my dearest, do remember.
                       Danielle Winter